The factory address:Zhejiang shaoxing shangyu area rice weir Cao E street
The factory address:Zhejiang shaoxing shangyu chunhui industrial avenue area Cao E street277Number
The phone company:0575-82150333 82150444 82151508
After-sales service special line:0575-82151333
The company by fax:0575-82150555    
A mobile phone:13905852687 13906852833
Zip code:312300

Shangyu fanShaoxing shangyu ventilator co., LTD., formerly known as shangyu ventilation factory,The old state-owned enterprises restructuring,Generally referred to as zhejiang shangyu fan on the market,The company was established in 1988,Is a professional design、Production、Sales all kinds of senior civil building fire and industrial and mining enterprises、Ventilation、Refrigeration equipment technology backbone enterprises,The company is a professional production and sales of exhaust fan、Explosion-proof roof fan、Explosion-proof axial flow fan、Explosion-proof centrifugal fan、Explosion-proof mixed flow fan、Explosion-proof induced fan、Explosion-proof cabinet centrifugal fan、Explosion-proof fan the fire valve manufacturers。Industry ownership JiXieTing in zhejiang province,The national industrial products production license,Explosion-proof the national industrial products production permit,National anti-explosive electric products quality supervision and inspection center for explosion-proof fan certification enterprises,Member of Chinese mechanical industry quality management association,Member of China general machinery industry association fan,Biography of China standardization design institute ventilation specification,The whole country《Explosion-proof fan》《The ventilator vibration testing and its limit》The standard drafting unit。New modern standard factory building...

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